12 juni 2015 Door: DataPhysics

Efficient stability testing of emulsions and dispersions with the new Multiscan MS 20 (DataPhysics)

The new, innovative Multi Scan MS20 is designed for the automatic, software controlled measurement and evaluation of the stability and aging analysis of various colloid systems.

Time and temperature dependent stability properties of multiphase systems like emulsions and dispersions are typical applications. The measurement of sedimentation and creaming processes includes also the determination of particle and drop sizes as well as the time dependent change of these parameter. Due to the modular concept, the MS 20 can be equipped with up to six measuring units, so that simultaneous measurements of different samples are possible. Each unit is separately temperature controlled and is regulated by the touch panel at the base unit. Using the transmission and backscattering technique you are able to analyze both transparent and opaque samples. For the fast and clear identification of each probe a barcode-reading system is already integrated. Besides that, the user-friendly software guarantees you the complete documentation of your test series, the evaluation and error analysis as well as the graphical demonstration and the export of your results.
All together, the MS 20 offers you a worthful support in many different applications referring to research, development and quality management, especially in the food sector, cosmetics and pharmaceutics.


Download hier de brochure van de MS-20 van DataPhysics.