16 oktober 2017 Door: Randy Israel

MiniDis ADXpert: ASTM D7344-17 Distillation Precision significantly improved

The MINIDIS ADXpert brings fast and accurate mini-distillation to your laboratory. Real atmosperic distillation without glassware, automatic testing and cleaning, maximum safety, fast turnaround time, a small sample volume and low measurement costs are apparent design advantages.

One of the core values of Mini-Distillation is an excellent measurement precision.

Grabner is proud to inform you that the latest ASTM Interlaboratory Study (ILS) for D7344 distillation has led to a significantly improved precision statement. In this ILS, an extensive sample set of 29 Gasolines, Diesels, Jet Fuels and Pure Petrochemical Compounds was tested.

For this study the completely re-engineered D7344 apparatus MINIDIS ADXpert was used. The new apparatus has demonstrated an improved stability of flow rate and temperature regulation.

The effect of these method improvements can best be seen by comparing previous D7344-14 precision with the recently published new D7344-17 precision statement.

The examples to the left show a significant precision improvement, precision values of D7344-17 are either comparable or better than the current precision of ASTM D86 distillation.

Additional information about the ASTM D7344 method is available from the ASTM website.

We invite you to refer to Grabner's website for more information on the D7344 distillation apparatus.