16 maart 2020

Our statement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

As usual at Benelux Scientific BV we try to provide our best efforts to offer all our customers the best possible products and services, but we can never forget that the priority for all of us is to care about the health and safety of our employees, their families and the prosperity of our community.

For this reason, receiving the recent dispositions of the Dutch government and the guidelines of the RIVM related to the serious sanitary emergency due to the COVID-19 virus diffusion, we decided to temporarily prohibit our personnel to visit our customers and suppliers until at least 6th of April to limit possible exposure of our customers, suppliers and personnel to the virus contamination to the maximum extend and rearrange work spaces and procedure to allow resuming the operations as soon as possible and in full safety.

We are aware this might cause some inconveniences especially in terms of delays in delivery of our products and our service support, but we are strongly convinced that the counter measures we are putting in place will be the most effective solution to mitigate the damages for all parties involved and recover quickly and stronger than ever.

In terms of service support we ask our customers to send instruments which need repair or maintenance if possible to our facilities accompanied with full description of company details.

In these difficult times you can imagine that in terms of our products and services we will put the highest priority to the continuity of these processes which are most crucial for our society at this very moment like e.g. the food and drug industries.

We thank you for understanding the gravity of the situation and we trust to have your friendly support in these difficult times. Should you have any question or concern, please give us a call or send us an e-mail at info@remove-this.benelux-scientific.nl.

Please keep yourself and your family safe and healthy!

The Benelux Scientific Team