Last modification 29-3-2018

Personal data which we may have stored

Benelux Scientific BV can store your personal data because you may use our services and/or because may have filled out an electronic form on our website.

Benelux Scientific BV may have stored the following (non-critical) personal data:
- Your first and last name
- Your business address
- Your business phone number
- Your e-mail address
- Your IP-address

Why we need your data information?

Benelux Scientific BV uses your data mainly to get in to touch with you if you request us to do so and/or to reach out to you by e-mail or by regular mail whenever we cannot reach you by phone.

Furthermore Benelux Scientific BV may use your data for the process of executing an order/contract with your company.

Other purposes may be:

  • to give you the opportunity to order items through our website and to give you the full functionality of our website.
  • to process your order and to be able to inform you about the status.
  • to advise you about and support you in the use of your equipment which you have purchased at our company.
  • to be able to react on a complaint from your side.
  • to be able to inform you about our new products, promotions or services (upon your request only).
  • to be able to communicate with you through our electronic news letters (upon your request only).
  • to improve our website.

How long do we keep your data?

Benelux Scientific BV stores only minimum (non crucial data) data and only for a period necessary to achieve the goals for which the data was collected. You can always demand us to remove your data from our systems.

Sharing with 3rd parties

Benelux Scientific BV will only share your data with 3rd parties if this is necessary for processing your order or executing the contract you have given us or to comply to the law.

This may be

  • Mother-, sister- and daughter companies of Benelux Scientific BV
  • Software developers and suppliers of Benelux Scientific BV, which are Zoho Corporation (see, Inc. (see, Google and Itecom Automatisering BV (see
  • Professionals and employers of Benelux Scientific BV.

Your data will not be shared with other 3rd parties. Our employers are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data and your privacy.

Websites and domain names

Benelux Scientific BV has multiple websites and databases.
At this moment the following websites and domain names are property of Benelux Scientific BV:,,, Our privacy policy is also applicable to these websites and domain names.

To track website visits

The website of Benelux Scientific BV collects general visitors information a.o. IP-address, time and information your browser sends to us. This information will be used for analysis of visit and clicking behaviour. Benelux Scientific BV uses this information in order to improve our website functionality. This information will be anonimized as much as possible and will not be shared with others.

Google Adwords

Benelux Scientific uses the Google Adwords tracking cookie as 3rd party vendor re-marketing tracking cookie. This means, that you may come across ads of  Benelux Scientific BV on the internet, especially on the Google Content Network (GCN). Ofcourse we will always respect your privacy and we do not collect any identifiable information by the use of Google’s or any other 3rd party remarketing system.

Google, whose services we use, will place cookies on web browsers in order to be able to show ads based upon earlier visits to our website. This allows us to make special offers and continue to market our services to those who have shown interest in our service.

We would like to mention, that you can always sign out of cookies of an extarnal supplier by visiting the siginging out page of the Network Advertising Initiative.

Google Analytics

Benelux Scientific BV uses Google Analytics, Adwords and Search Console in order to keep track on how users use our website and how effective our Adwords-advertisments at Google search results are. Google uses this information to keep track how our website is being used, to report us about our website and to inform their customers about the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google can only send 3rd paries this information if they are legally obliged to do so or if these 3rd parties process the information for Google. Benelux Scientific BV has no influence on this. Benelux Scientific BV has not given Google any approval to use the Analytics-information for other Google services.

The above mentioned obtained information, including your computers IP address, will be transferred to Google's servers in the United States. With the United States agreements have been made in order to comply to the minimum EU Privacy policies. Benelux Scientific BV chooses these paries and partners for marketing and communication very carefully. We will do our utmost to respect the Europian law with respect to privacy.

To view your information, correct or remove

At all times you will have the right to view the data we have collected about you, to correct it or to remove it. You can send us a request for this through Benelux Scientific BV will as soon as possible but at least within 4 weeks react fullfil your request.


Benelux Scientific BV takes the protection of your data seriously and will take necessary measures in order to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, undesired disclosure and modification.

If you have the impression that your data is not secure or there are any signs of misuse or you would like more information about the security please get in contact with us through is a website of Benelux Scientific BV. Benelux Scientific BV can be reached through:

Mailing address: 44 RI-straat 33, 4051 AP OCHTEN
Visiting address: 44 RI-straat 33, 4051 AP OCHTEN
Chamber of Commerce nr.: 11052173
Phone nr.: +31 (0)344 655 556
E-mail address: