Vapour pressure: the MiniVap product line

The new MiniVap VP Vision: a new trend in measuring vapour pressure!

The MINIVAP VP Vision is a most versatile portable vapour pressure tester with the highest precision and pressure range of 0-2000 kPa. It is the first analyzer, which superiority is proven by well deserved certificates of robustness and durability. With Grabner´s modern Cockpit™ technology the instrument offers utmost network possibilities and makes worldwide access possible.

The MINIVAP VP Vision measures gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, crude, LPG and solvents. The analyzer can measure within a large pressure range of 0 - 2000 kPa without giving in in accuracy. Long durability tests has shown that the instrument offers an unprecedented repeatability of less than 0.2 kPa. The newly developped Grabner 2D-Correction™ (273 points) and exact piston-positioning guarantees accurate and precise results. The MINIVAP VP Vision has Grabner´s Sampling Pro™ valve design which takes care of unrivaled robustness.

Simplicity and flexability 
The MINIVAP VP Vision combines simplicity and flexability. A modern, app-like userinterface makes selecting and following the measurement on a 10"touch screen possible. Using just a few clicks measurement methods can be created or adapted. Furthermore Grabner´s Cockpit™ PC software offers lab managers unprecendented flexibability. The software can combine measurement results of multiple locations.

Access Anywhere Anytime
With the Cockpit™ PC software multiple instruments can automatically be accessed. Instrument located around the world can be configured, observed, diagnosed, maintained and upgraded from one central lab. The software can be reached through a secured VPN connection. An unique "call home" functionality brings the possibility to reach out to the Grabner support team easily.

Durability and robustness
The MINIVAP VP Vision is the first vapour pressure tester which is certified to operate in cold, hot and damp climates. The instrument has been exposed to vibrations and severe shocks. The instrument is therefore ideal for use in mobile labs, militairy applications or severe surroundings.

Most versatile, most complete 
The MINIVAP VP Vision is fully configured for all known vapour pressure methods. Every analyzer contains a shaker in order to achieve fast equilibrium for crudes and V/L ratio tests.

Low vapour pressure VPL Model
Although the standard VP model is developped for pressures up to 20 bar, some applications need a sensitivity for samples with a low vapour pressure. These applications are e.g. measurement of diesel and flavor and fragrances, inks etc. The MINIVAP VPL Vision model is developped for low vapour pressure up to 150 kPa.

The Minivap VPXpert

The MINIVAP VPXpert and MINIVAP ONLINE are versatile instruments for the automatic determination of the vapour pressure of gasoline, crude oil, solvents and other chemical compounds.

The instruments are considered as a standard all over the world and are used at all large refineries, oil- and pipeline companies, independent labs and car manufacturers. The US-EPA declared the MINIVAP as the official reference instrument for the US.

The MINIVAP VPXpert is a stand-alone unit, without any necessary accessories. The unique piston based design for automatic sample introduction and volume expansion of the measuring cell makes the use of a vacuum pomp not necessary. The patented measurement principle combined with with recent norms (ASTM D6377 for crudes and ASTM D6378 for gasolines) avoids cooling of the sample and the saturation step.

ASTM D6378 for gasolines is the newest triple expansion method developped by Grabner and replaces ASTM D5191, D4953 en D323. Official correlation formulae are being mentioned in D6378 and are pre-programmed in the MINIVAP VPS/VPSH. ASTM D6377 for crudes is the newest single expansion method and delivers significantly better accuracy compared to the classic ASTM D323 method. 

De MINIVAP ONLINE biedt, met hetzelfde meetprincipe als zijn laboratoriumbroertjes, de mogelijkheid rechtstreeks in het process te meten.

Minivap Online

The MINIVAP ON-LINE of GRABNER is a process-analyzer for the determination of the vapour pressure of gasoline, crudese, LPG and NPG. Internally the instrument contains exactly the same measuring cell as the Minivap models described above. Based upon the results of many ASTM-measurements of many labs one can conclude that the analyzer works better than any other analyzer on the market saving refineries a lot of money.