Infrared fuel analysis: the new MINISCAN IR Vision

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The MINISCAN IR Vision is the first fully portable fuel analyzer for gasoline, diesel  and biofuel mixtures, which combines the advantages of mid-FTIR and near-FTIR spectroscopy for an excellent measurement accuracy. More than 40 fuel parameters are being determined very accurately by scanning the complete spectrum with a superior resolution. Based upon Grabner’s large knowledge on fuel analysis the MINISCAN IR Vision has been developped as an intelligent and self learning analyzer. With just one puch on a button the instrument automatically analyzes new fuel parameters.

The MINISCAN IR Vision is a fully temperature controlled, robust and userfriendly spectrometer for the automatic determination of the concentration of the most important components of gasoline and diesel.

Advanced chemometry, a worldwide database with calibration samples and information from the NIR spectrum delivers most reliable results for properties like octane-  and cetane numbers, distillation properties and vapour pressure. An integrated temperature stabilized density measurement cell takes care for the accurate determination of th fuel density.

Seperate models are available for gasoline or diesel analysis.

The most advanced model is able to measure both gasoline and diesel.