Infrared analysis of grease, lubricants and oils

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The MINISCAN IR LOG is a very versatile and fast FTIR analyzer, especially developped for the on-site analysis of oils, lubricants and grease.
The analyzer is also capable of analyzing low concentrations of water in oil without using dangerous chemicals.
Cost saving:
An instrument like this is a valuable investment if it is capable of analyzing and monitoring lubricants and grease quality on-site. A fast and accurate oil degradation can be noticed fast. If oil and grease are not checked regularly this may lead to high costs.

Fast and easy determination:
The MINISCAN IR LOG FTIR analyzer just needs 1 drop of sample for a full analysis, like:
the presence of anti-wearing compounds and additives
the sulphate content

Place sample on window
Turn detector
Analyze sample
Cleaning is very easy