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28 meiVisual and Colorimetric Assessments of Architectural Coatings

Fenestration products, such as windows, doors, and similar building components, are expected to retain their color and appearance for many years, even under harsh outdoor weather conditions. A variety of materials are used in the assembly of these items, including plastic, fiberglass, composites, and aluminum, but for each the performance requirement for coatings to maintain color is generally the same. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) represents the building industry and establishes the standards and criteria that are commonly used in building codes and architecture specifications. The specifications in AAMA 615, 625, & 2605, are the performance requirements that organic coatings on various substrates (plastics, thermosets, and aluminum, respectively) must meet to earn a Superior product designation. To be labeled superior, coatings must not show a ΔEH greater than 5 over the course of a 10 year outdoor exposure.

AAMA recently nominated a working group to review relevance of the allowable color change guidelines, along with their usefulness in matching human evaluation and expectations. This presentation will review the results of that study, which included the visual and instrument evaluations of 109 weathered test panels, all varying in color and performance expectations. The task group's work also included CIELab color space and ΔE calculations, in order to determine if the legacy Hunter color space was still suitable.